2 Gold and 1 Bronze Award! ECNU students won the best record of China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Time:2021-11-23   Views:11

The seventh China International Internet plus School Students innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held at Nanchang University recently. The students in our school won 2 gold award and 1 bronze award, and it’s the best results were recorded.


Under the guidance of Professor Junhao Chu, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Wenwu Li, the project Industrialization of desktop scanning electron microscope and advanced electron microscope technologyled by Xiaolong Zhang, an alumnus of the Department of Electronics, won the Gold Award; Under the guidance of Professor Ya Cheng and associate researcher Jian Xu , the project Ultrafast laser fabrication and applications of 3D bioinspired microfluidic chips led by Xiaokun Wang of 2018 Physics Elite Class won the Gold Award in the Undergraduate Creativity Category; Under the guidance of Professor Ya Cheng and associate researcher Jian Xu, the project Customizable solutions for the manufacture of all-glass microfluidic devices based on ultrafast laser processing led by Zijie Lin , a 2017 PHD student majoring in optics in the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy, won the Bronze Award. In addition, Boxiang Zhou, a 2019 undergraduate majoring in Electronic Information Science and Technology, participated in the project Ecological treatment innovator - comprehensive scheme for sustainable ecological treatment , which won the Gold Award.


The theme of the competition was Dare to differ, Dare to Win. More than 2.28 million projects and 9.56 million people from 4347 schools and universities from 121 countries and regions participated in the competition, and 1085 projects were shortlisted for the finals. Vice Premier Sun Chunlan watched the competition on the spot, encouraging young students to advance with the times, shoulder their mission bravely, pave the way with youth and extend their ideals.


Since the launch of this competition, the school has attached great importance to and taken the initiative to invite well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to guide and conduct on-site simulation training for the participating projects, carried out centralized discussions for many times, continuously optimized the materials, and harvested the best historical achievements so far.

Source: School of Physics and Electronic Science